Rocklandlocal Marketplace FAQs

This page, alongside the Terms & Conditions, should help answer any questions you have about running a Store on RocklandLocal Marketplace. If you are an Rocklandlocal Marketplace customer who needs help with shopping, please take a look at our Customer Ts&Cs


Each Store has a unique storefront which is fully editable and allows you to build your own branded area within RocklandLocal Marketplace.

Store can link their storefront to their social channels in order to market themselves to their network. Stores also have the opportunity to be featured in our edits, onsite features and across our social channels. They can also promote themselves on key category and homepages to drive traffic directly to their store (please see the What is promoting a Store section below).


You can remove your entire Store and all products by visiting Account Status and selecting Remove Your Boutique. You will be asked to confirm your decision before the process is complete. Please email before removing your Boutique. You may not remove your Boutique if you have any open orders.

Once you remove your Boutique your store will be removed from the website and will not appear in Boutique listings, your subscription will be cancelled, your items will no longer be for sale on ASOS Marketplace however you will still be invoiced if you have any outstanding fees, and any outstanding queries or orders need to be fulfilled.


Rocklandlocal Marketplace has partnered up with Finclu, Inc to offer discounted prices up to 15% discount on vendor rates. Simply enter your NUS Extra card number on the sign-up page to get 10% off all seller rates – that’s 10% off monthly rent and commission on your Boutique account. For example, a 20% commission rate is reduced to 18% with a valid NUS Extra card number.

To continue benefiting from reduced seller rates when your card expires, you will need to make sure you renew your membership with NUS Extra and update your NUS card details within your Marketplace account.


Rocklandlocal Marketplace champions vendors that physically own their stock and take their own pictures for Rocklandlocal Marketplace. We do not support the drop shipping business model. If a vendor is thought to be running their business as a drop shipper then Rocklandlocal Marketplace at its own discretion may remove that vendor’s account(s) from the site without notice or prior warning to a Store and shall take any measures it deems necessary to ensure that subsequent drop shipping accounts are not opened on the Site.


The best way to get noticed around the site is to ensure that you have a well thought out boutique and have the best product imagery that you can possibly have. It is great to try to develop a brand identity through your imagery which means customers will start to recognise your products and your Store. Great imagery gets featured around the site as we want to present the best to our customers, so don’t underestimate the difference between an average image with crumpled clothing and a clean and bright shot with clothing presented in a way that shows it off to its best advantage.

You can also pay to promote your store on the most popular pages of the site, the men’s and women’s homepages and the store directory. By doing so you can put your boutique in front of Rocklandlocal Marketplace customers and open your store up to a whole new audience (see ‘What is promoting a Store?’ below).

Ensure that you maintain great customer service and keep your feedback rating as close to 100% as possible; customers are more likely to shop from a store that is trustworthy and offers great service. This is why the feedback rating is so important.

Additionally, at Rocklandlocal Marketplace we encourage all stores to link to social media accounts, this enables stores to promote to their network and also drive traffic to their store. If you are posting any relevant content on your social media accounts be sure to tag us!


Rocklandlocal Marketplace believes all feedback, whether good, neutral or bad, is an integral part of selling and should be used as a benchmark for how Stores can improve their quality and service.

Rocklandlocal Marketplace encourages all Stores to engage with customers to resolve instances of negative feedback by rectifying the situation. Stores can message the customer through Rocklandlocal Marketplace and ask them to change their feedback rating, a rating can only be changed once and positively.

Boutiques can avoid negative feedback by:

  • Having an accurate listing with detailed description and sizing
  • Providing prompt shipping that is in line with the shipping profile
  • Sending a detailed shipping message to the customer including the tracking number
  • Keeping customers up to date with any unexpected delays and offer incentives for them to shop again
  • Sending prompt replies to messages and prompt handling of customer queries
  • Including a delivery note

Receiving negative feedback is part of retailing, so if it happens keep calm and take a step back to review the order. Always try to resolve the issues directly with the customer and really assess why the negative feedback was left and learn from it so that your future customers have the best possible shopping experience with your Store.

We recommend always responding to the customer in as helpful a manner as possible. If there’s a delivery issue, why not reconfirm the customer’s tracking information, or check it yourself for any issues? Are they not happy with the item? Let them know how to return it for a refund. Imagine yourself as the customer and always be polite and helpful in replies.

Put yourself in the customers shoes and remember that you are running a business, we advise that you do not be defensive, write an essay or blame an unrelated factor, instead reply to the customer being super helpful as ultimately the customer just wants the item they ordered, once any issues are ironed out customers are usually more than happy to reconsider their feedback.

Rocklandlocal Marketplace takes feedback ratings seriously and if the rating falls below 90% then a Store risks being removed from the Marketplace. On occasion there will be unfair feedback left and Rocklandloca Marketplace only reviews and removes feedback in exceptional circumstances, such as feedback that:

  • contains email addresses, telephone numbers, mail addresses, social media tags, offensive language, false statements, or content unrelated to the Boutique will be removed.
    Examples: “I would like to return this dress. please send me a return label to this email address:”
    “Nice trousers but the jumper from [another Boutique’s name] arrived with a mark on it”
  • is no longer relevant or true, including where a customer has raised an issue which the Boutique has not been previously aware of and/or promptly dealt with in line with Marketplace’s Boutique standards
    Examples: “I was unhappy with the product, returned it and haven’t received a refund” (records prove the item was refunded before feedback was left)
    “Item arrived with a missing button” (if a missing button was clearly highlighted in the description, feedback can be removed)
  • is unconnected with the transaction:
    Examples: “I bought this sweater then saw a cheaper one elsewhere” (feedback removed)
    “Customs charged $51 before I got the parcel… NOT happy” (as the importer, customers are responsible for any customs duty due, feedback can be removed)
  • is a question related to a product or a general question:
    Example: “Where is my order?”
  • is a premature:
    Example: “Where is my order? It’s been 10 days” (item was shipped in 24 hours and the original delivery estimate was 12 days – feedback removed after Boutique has contacted customer).

The Marketplace Review team can only review feedback once. Feedback over 60 days old is considered final and cannot be reviewed or amended.

In all instances of negative or neutral feedback the Store must always try and resolve the issue directly with the customer before contacting the Rocklandlocal Marketplace team.


A dispute occurs when a buyer and a vendor cannot resolve a problem with a purchase. For most scenarios this should be resolved through the PayPal resolution centre or the Stripe dispute process. Rocklandlocal also offers the Rocklandlocal Marketplace Guarantee. Please click here for further information.

Raising a dispute should be a last resort for your customer. As the Boutique you should always try to resolve the issue by communicating and cooperating with a Boutique first. Disputes may take some time and will require buyer and seller to provide evidence of their actions in the transaction and delivery of the item.