Key Terms

Rocklandlocal uses the Finclu SocioEconomic Vulnerability Index (Finclu SEVI), a new concept developed by Finclu Inc to determine the shopper family’s socioeconomic vulnerability. The Finclu SocioEconomic Vulnerability Index ( Finclu SEVI) takes into account not only income and family size but also illness, a job loss, a move to care for aging family members.

After filling the registration form with basic data about reality socioeconomic, shoppers will fall into one of these 5 categories: 1) Low-Income family with Total Socioeconomic Vulnerability (LITSEV) and will have 15% price reduction, 2) Low-Income family with Partial Socioeconomic Vulnerability (LIPSEV) with 12% price reduction, 3)Moderate-Income family with Total Socioeconomic Vulnerability (MITSEV) with 9% price reduction, 4) Moderate-income with Partial Socioeconomic Vulnerability ( MIPSEV) with 6% price reduction, and 5) High Income with Partial Socioeconomic Vulnerability ( HIPSEV) with 3% price reduction.